Born in Argentina, Guillermina Zabala is a filmmaker, multidisciplinary artist and educator. She graduated from Columbia College Hollywood with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cinema. Currently, she is the Media Arts Director at SAY Sí (San Antonio Youth, Yes). In August 2015 she received the 25Veinticinco Award from the University of Texas at San Antonio. In October 2008 she received the San Antonio Artist Foundation Award for her documentary project Juanito’s Lab and in November 2006 she was awarded the NALAC (National Association of Latino Arts & Cultures) Fund for the Arts Grant for the same project. She is a member of the 2018 Luminaria Artistic Advisory Committee and served as Curator for the 28th CineFestival, the On Screen at Artpace Film Series (2009), the 9th LA Freewaves and LA’s Freecuencia Film Festival (2001); and she is an alumna of the 2017 Community Arts Education Leadership Institute, the 2008 Creative Capital Artist Retreat, and the 2007 NALAC Leadership Institute.

Currently, her print No a La Guerra and her photograph Odas Elementales are shown at the exhibit VOZ: Selections from the UTSA Art collection, and its accompanying catalog, at Centro de Artes in San Antonio; and in 2017 she was selected to be part of the Contemporary Art Month Perennial with her piece 9/16. The 9-panel installation of 35 mm photographic images transferred on wood explores the relationship between landscape and memories, a recurring theme in Guillermina’s works. In September 2016 with her series I Am Black featuring African American community leaders, Guillermina delved into black and white portrait photography. From August to October 2015, she was one of the participating artists at the Printmaking Exhibit 25Veinticinco at the University of Texas in San Antonio. This exhibit included 25 original prints and a publication highlighting the works of prominent Latino artists. Much of her artwork exposes the subtle references of words when juxtaposed with images in motion. Because of her recurrent use of text, she was invited by curator Rene P. Barilleaux to be a Guest Artist at the talk Language is a Virus at SA’s McNay Art Museum. From August 19 through December 14, 2014, Guillermina had a solo exhibit at the McNay in the Octagon Gallery where she showcased her video I, Me, Light, which depicts a series of video portraits and a mesmerizing light-writing effect that explores notions of identity and culture.

Undoubtedly, filmmaking is her first passion and it continues to be a solid thread throughout her artistic, educational and research endeavors. In November 2013, she was selected by the City of San Antonio to direct a short film based on a poem by SA Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla, and in October 2013 she wrote and directed the video for A Night in December, a track composed by Joël Dilley. Her short film The Hot Room premiered at the 2000 Showtime Latino Filmmakers Showcase. Other films include A Dinky Flavor: A Matter of Existence, Copper Women, and A Voice From the Edge.

Her works have been exhibited in museums and art galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Miami, and San Francisco; and internationally in Germany, Latin America and Spain. Presently, Guillermina is in post-production of Juanito’s Lab, a documentary that explores the life and art of blind musician Juanito Castillo, proficient in 14 instruments.

She lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and 8-year-old daughter.